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Fighting Films Trophy

Important Announcement :


Kendal Judo club is pleased that the number of competitions available to young judoka in the U.K. is increasing all the time. With this in mind and in recognition of the increasing financial burden to parents and coaches we have decided to celebrate our continued support from Fighting Films by opening up the Fighting Films Trophy on May 25th/26th 2019 to all competitors for FREE. Zero entry fee for all judoka. We will be asking for spectators to support the event at an entry fee or £5 per adult. We hope that as many young players as possible will come along and enter. The format will follow last years very successful event with prizes sponsored by Fighting Films. Any players who have already entered and paid will receive their fee back in cash on the day.

We hope our gesture will encourage players to come and experience the Kendal Dojo for free and maybe take away a medal and Fighting Films prize.

It’s all about the Judo!


Fighting Films Trophy 2019

 The fighting films trophy is a great and innovative event. Grade and age banded so everybody can take part, from 8 year olds to seniors.

Saturday 25th MAY 2019                                                                                           

Group A                                                           

Born  2003 2004 2005 2006    

10-18 Mon (  green, blue, brown  ) 

Boys-34kg38kg-42kg,-46kg,-50kg,-55kg,-60kg,-66kg,  -73kg, -81kg,-90kg, +90kg                                                                       

Girls: -40kg,-44kg,-48kg,-52kg,-57kg,-63kg,-70kg,+70kg

Group B                                                                        

2nd Kyu  & below 

( must be 14years minimum on the day) 

Male-55kg,-60kg,-66kg,-73kg,-81kg-90kg +90                        

Female -44kg,-48kg,52kg,-57kg,-63kg,-70kg,+70kg


Group C   

1st Kyu / Dan Grades ( points scoring )

 ( must be 14years minimum on the day)            

Male-55kg,-60kg,-66kg,-73kg,-81kg-90kg +90kg            


Sunday 26th May 2018

Group D

1 – 6 Mon  ( red/ yellow belts )

Born 2011,2010 2009,2008,2007

(Must be 8years on the day)

Boys: U27kg, U30kg, U34kg, U38kg, U42kg, U46kg, U50kg,O50kg. 

Girls: U28kg, U32kg, U36kg, U40kg, U44kg, U48kg, U52kg, O52kg.

Group E

  -18 Mon   ( ,orange, green ,blue brown belts )                           

 Born 2011,2010 2009,2008,2007                                                              

(Must be 8 years of age on the day )                                             

Boys: U27kg, U30kg, U34kg, U38kg, U42kg, U46kg, U50kg,O50kg.  

Girls: U28kg, U32kg, U36kg, U40kg, U44kg, U48kg, U52kg, O52kg

 Group F  

Novice – 9 Mon  ( red yellow ,orange,  )

Born  2003 2004 2005 2006                   

Boys:-34kg,38kg,42kg, -46kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -66kg, -73kg, -81kg, U90kg, +90kg                                                                    

Girls: -32kg,-36kg,40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, -63kg, -70kg, +70kg 




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