Kendal Judo Club

Kendal Winter Camp 2020

Winter Training Camp in Kendal

Is the only way to start 2020

The camp has its part in British Judo history

This year Leading the camp is Gary Edwards Scottish National Talent Development Coach

3 Days of Randori and Conditioning in the English Lakes

With over 80 Young Judoka Registered it gonna be a good one!

Cost of the camp is £95

Includes food accommodation  and training

Enter via this Page

Numbers are limited so please don’t hesitate

Contact Mike Liptrot







Welcome to Kendal Judo Club 

We cover a range of sport and training evolving around Olympic Sports ideologies

Please Note

1     We no longer take cash payments after the first month of going the club

2    Payment and management of the fees is the responsibility of the member / Parent

3    Non payment of fees will result in not being able to train until fees are bought up to date

Any monies owing from trips tournaments  etc must be kept up to  date

4    We ask you to fill in the form below and pay the appropriate fees involved via account details below


Acc number  30543004

sort code 20-45-28


By Standing Order on or before 10th of each month

( unless you have a existing standing order in place)

Fees as following


Junior Judo (-18 years or in full time education )

£25 per month for 12 months  ( £300 per year )

or Single payment of £275 on or before 10th October 2019


Senior Judo +18years 

£35 per month for 12 months  (£420 per year)

or Single payment of £385  on or before 10th October 2019


Family Membership 

2x Juniors or more

£40 per month x 12 (£480 per year )

or Single payment of £440 on or before 10th October 2019

1x senior + 1 or more children 

£45 per month x 12 months (£540 per year )

or Single payment of £505 on or before 10th October 2019


Elite Sports Academy 

£30 per  month for 12 months (£360 per year)


membership form

kjc memberships
    If you fail to pay your fees technically you not a member. our member to member insurance is void. and you will not be able train . It is vital that payments are kept up to date


Kendal Open Judo Championships


Kendal Judo Club have for a number of years, run this competition for beginners and those who are relatively inexperienced competitors in which we ignore the “normal” weight categories and fight players of similar grade, weight and ability together in pools of three four or five were ever possible  This we have found to be a fun, no pressure way of introducing judoka into competitive judo that some of the bigger events cannot do.  Over the years we have expanded this to include Kyu Grades who want competition but not necessarily High Level  Events

This year we are adding a Judo Festival for 5-7 Years . This will run on one mat giving all the kids a great start to there competition career. In a fun friendly atmosphere

This Season we have a great new sponsor together with Koka Kids Magazine we hope to improve the Junior event with give aways and banded medals which I’m sure the judoka will enjoy

Method of Elimination – Players will be placed in Pools of 3,4 or 5 competitors of similar age, weight, grade and experience and will fight only in that pool for medals.

To help us prepare for the competition, on the entry form you will see a space to put the competitors body weight in kilos. Although we will check the weights on the day please try to be as accurate as possible


Payment of this competition – 

Yes that right its FREE Entry for all Competitors 

Just fill in the form below

Adult Spectators   £5

Children are FREE

Information Below

Kendal Open Judo 24.11.2019

Weigh-In / Booking In Times
Kendal Open Judo Championships
Sunday 24th November 2019

9am prompt
-8 Festival 9am Booking in

9am prompt
A – Minors Boys
B – Minors Girls
Mon Grades Born 2011 2010 2009,2008,2007� (Must be 8 years or over on the day)

11am Prompt
C-16 Boys
D -16 Girls
Mon/Kyu Grades Born 2003,2004 2005 & 2006

1pm Prompt
E – Kyu Grades
Men & Women Novice – 1st kyu (14 years & above



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